Highly absorbent cleaning and monitoring brushes for Flexible Endoscopes.

• High cleaning efficacy for endoscopes channels
• Available in 4 sizes:
1.7mm, 2.8mm, 3.8mm, 5.0mm and up to 2.55m long
• Compatible with both HemoCheck-E and Pyromol-E


Endoswabs are based on a highly absorbent polyester fibre manufactured into a flexible Endoscope cleaning brush.

Endoswabs will absorb and collect residue out of the channel, while nylon fibres glide through mucus residue inside the channel.


Endoswabs are used for the manual cleaning step according to the flexible Endoscope cleaning procedure.

Available in 4 sizes, for use in 1.5 – 5mm Flexible Endoscopes channels.

NOTE: Contaminated instruments are a hygiene risk and need to be rejected. Instruments need to be free of any residue!


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