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In 1997 we asked ourselves: How can one neglect the most important step when reprocessing surgical instruments? If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterile was a common phrase but there was not much standardisation, quality assurance, or enough science behind cleaning processes.

Now PEREG GmbH is the leading company for cleaning monitoring when reprocessing surgical instruments. This was achieved by believing in the importance of cleaning and knowing the science behind it. In cleaning we do not use standardised parameters as in sterilisation, therefore monitoring a cleaning process needs to be achieved in a different way: Tests for cleaning efficacy must be adapted to the practical situation.

A test soil correlating to blood is one important step but blood behaves differently in various cases such as being cleaned from an ordinary steel surface compared to cleaning the inside of an instrument. Also blood residues after an inefficient cleaning process do not have much in common anymore with fresh blood. We took these important factors into consideration and developed a special range of indicators and test methods for washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners and manual cleaning procedures:

The TOSI® Indicator product line combines a standardised test soil correlating to blood with challenge devices simulating a range of surgical instruments.

The unique SonoCheck verifies efficacy where ultrasonic energy and cavitation is part of the cleaning process.

The HemoCheck product line is especially designed to detect traces of blood residue after a cleaning process which is a clear sign for inefficient cleaning and a hygiene risk.

The Pyromol-Test detects protein residues in applications where blood is not the main contaminant.

The HydroCheck detects residual water in endoscope channel.

Backup is provided from the PEREG GmbH laboratory where not only research and development are carried out but also detergents and cleaning methods are tested for their efficacy. Validation and routine monitoring of cleaning efficacy according to EN ISO 15883 can now be handled safely. Patient safety is our profession.

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